THE EXPO 2017 in Astana

The World Exhibition 2017 will take place in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan from 10th June to 10th September 2017. The theme of this national Expo is “Future Energy”. The aim is to create a global debate between governmental as well as nongovernmental organisations, companies and the general public on the decisive impact that energy management has on the lives of people and that of the planet. Therefore, the Expo will showcase future energy solutions tackling social, economic and environmental challenges.

There will be country and thematic pavilions, public and best practice areas as well as the future energy forum on the Expo grounds. But the undisputable highlight will be the “Sphere” built in the centre of the Expo city, housing the Kazakhstan Pavilion as well as exhibition about solar, kinetic and biomass energy amongst others. It will be built on 8 floors accounting to 24’000 square meters.



ADUNIC is proud to announce that we have been assigned for the interior fit-out of the middle 4 floors of the “Sphere”. Moreover ADUNIC will be responsible for the completion of several country pavilions and ancillary buildings on behalf of the Expo.

For further information go to the official homepage of the Expo Astana.