Project Process

Demanding temporary projects with mostly tight planning and implementation period require precise planning and interdisciplinary collaboration. We are committed to be involved in projects from the beginning in order to contribute our practical experience early on to the project team.




At the beginning of each project, there is a vision. Together with a creative partner, the client develops a first idea for his construction project. ADUNIC leaves this task usually to the architects and designers – our role as consultant and implementation partner usually only begins in the next step.

Project Development

In collaboration with the creative partners, we analyse the project idea on its technical feasibility and serviceability. We accompany the configuration process advisory and carry out initial studies on technical and commercial feasibility. With our commitment in this phase, we offer the client an early cost and schedule stability.

Quantity Surveying

Reliable budgeting is a key element of any project planning. For each planning phase ADUNIC drafts level-appropriate cost estimates with the relevant level of detail. As part of budget discussions with builders and planners we elicit relevant structural costs trigger and show possible savings.

Engineering / Design to Cost

Another building block in our service chain is engineering – we analyse the critical project parameters such as usability, scheduling risk, cost certainty and show the decisive cost triggers and influencing parameters. In a tailored design-to-cost process, we develop technical solutions, with which the budget targets can be met.

Team Building

In short-term projects with highly shortened and partially overlapping planning and construction phases, communication and team building are essential. By careful selection and early inclusion of the implementation partner, the success of the project can be significantly influenced and stimulated. Thanks to our broad, international network of specialists and suppliers, we offer the necessary independence and procurement security.

Planning / Construction

ADUNIC has a well-trained team of professionals in the fields of engineering, exhibition building as well as media technology, light and sound. Thanks to these internal resources for the implementation planning, we are able to coordinate the often parallel processes of planning and direct them in terms of the project.


Solid planning and the necessary talent for improvisation during the implementation help that we execute projects locally in the shortest time frame and in high quality. Our own project managers and technical supervisors lead the work on site and are responsible for the success of the project.

Dismantling / Recycling

With the event or implementation of a project work for us has not been completed. During the operation we are already planning the dismantling, investigate possible reuse of materials and take care of environmentally sound disposal of non-reusable materials.